Action = Progress (Proof)

March 31, 2017

Behold ye, yet another ‘glowing’ member testimonial

This time, from MMIC member ‘Mark L’:

Joined last Friday.

Got a launch this Monday.

But taking on board all I can absorb at the moment

Loving all this stuff Mr Paul Mort.

I’m absorbing, absorbing and reading all the content coming at me from all angles and media.

It’s fantastic – wasn’t expecting so much value already



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Just in case you missed it…

(The high praise for MMIC might have distracted you)

Mark joined last Friday

And he’s got a launch next Monday

That’s TEN days, mon ami

And he’s barely scratched the surface of what MMIC has to offer

So I’m VERY excited to see what he can pull off in the next few months

My question to YOU?

Where are YOU gonna be in ten days?

Are you gonna be launching a new ‘big money bootcamp’?

(With the potential to pull in £4K a month, for LESS than five hours work each week)

Or, are you gonna be in the same situation that you are now?

The choice is yours, amigo

But if you’re feeling ‘brave’, like Mark?

It’s time to take ACTION

And it’s time to make progress

Paul ‘Action Fan’ Mort

PS – As Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motor Company) once said…

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

If you tell yourself that you’re NOT capable of doing the same as Mark?

Guess what…

You WON’T be

But if you tell yourself that you ARE?

I’ll be waiting to show you HOW on the other side

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