7 PROVEN Ways to Crush Your Competition

November 17, 2017

So you want to “Stand out” huh droogie?

You want to crush that cheap b*stard who teaches terrible form and sells dogsh*t supplements do ya?


‘So happens that your Dirty Uncle Morty has the tools to do exactly that.

Lets cut the small talk then and git this party started, hombre:

1- Have the courage to BE YOURSELF, 100% of the time.

Most Fitpros put on this “professional” act that makes them boring as f*ck, to be frank.

The LAST thing you want to be is boring

Have fun, crack jokes and innuendos

People love a bit of ENTERTAINMENT

2- Understand that people DONT LOVE exercise as much as you

So don’t force it on them- instead preach RESULTS

(IE: How you’ll make them FEEL)

3- Take people OFF of Facebook

Your competition is OBSESSED with getting likes, shares and being ‘viral’

What they don’t understand is that EVERY OTHER PT in town is doing EXACTLY the same thing.

Get people onto an email list where you can build TRUST

and stand out- because you’re the only one who isn’t too lazy to do it.

4- BUY leads

Whilst ‘they’ are buying ‘likes’ or trying to do everything on the cheap

You can quite simply OUTSMART them and OUTSPEND them

For as little as 5 QUID A DAY you can get up to 20 NEW LEADS EVERY DAY.

5- Charge MORE than they do

The opposite to what they mush cookies would tell you but here’s el dealio, muchacho

When you’re the most expensive you’re AUTOMATICALLY positioned as THE BEST….

6- Invest in HELP and GUIDANCE


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(this is CLEARLY where I ‘pitch, god I’m SOOOO predictable)

The reason I get uber-fast results in every business I’ve owned?

Well, I bust my ass BUT


People that have been there and DONE IT

People who KNOW MORE than me

Whilst your competitors try and figure everything out themselves

(and make sh*tty progress)


Its THE fastest way to rapid acceleration in your fitness bid’niz



The stuff that can be measured, tested, tweaked and leverage

NOT the stuff that you feel like doing.

What i mean is- THE STUFF THAT BRINGS YOU BACON for your sammich

Like I teach in my inner circle:


Paul ‘predictable’ Mort

PS- DO NOT be scared to P*SS people off…

See, your competition are so busy kissing people asses

They don’t realise that they’re KILLING their chances of being seen as an AUTHORITY

and that ^^^ is where the big bucks are…

I’ll try and write an email on that next week

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