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Her flyers SUCK (Labour Lady)

May 9, 2014

How do you know you’re a marketing NERD?

You pick up and actually READ flyers from
local councillors despite having ZERO
interest in politics or voting…

literally don’t give a shit about that stuff.

I’ve now hit “UBER-NERD” Level though.

Becuz of the critiquing feature at MMIC (one
of the most loved benefits)

Uncle Morty now finds himself analyzin every
flyer that comes through the door.

Lemme layeth down some smacketh first though.

I get a ton of PT’s telling me that flyers
don’t work.

But they be wrong, homeslice.

Flyers DO WORK.

But the majority do the fuckers wrong.

MMIC member Claire Hendy recently got 70-80
ENQUIRIES from a flyer drop.

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==So whats the WRONG way to do flyers?==

There’s a ton of mistakes that you can make
but I’m a stick to what this lady did wrong.

I actually cover the ‘right’ way at the start
of this podcast…PROMISE I’ll do a bonus
podcast soon on this.

1- Labour Logo/pic of said lady takes up the
top of the flyer.

^^ This is VALUABLE ‘real estate’ that should
be used for a headline that captures
attention… No-one gives a shit about your

‘cept you.

2- This is the WORST part…


“I believe this, and we are the best etc etc”

Again, NO ONE CARES. All they care about is
what you can do FOR THEM. <— Basic human
psychology right there, brah.

3- No real call to action.

Just ‘vote labour’. thats it. You need to
tell me what to do (Get me to your website so
you can get my EMAIL ADDRESS = WIN)


This has NOTHING to do with the “Labour Lady”

but TOO MUCH INFORMATION it a HUGE error too.

If you tell me the days, times, price and

Theres NO NEED for me to contact you.

Just a simple “Yes” or “No” as to wether I
want to train with you or not…

and as I have no idea who you are right now,
you have no credibility with me just yet.

Therefore, its more likely a NO.

Like I say, babycakes I’ll get around to
doing a bonus podcast.

Prolly after bodypower

but for now, check out this Podcast with
BOXERCISE creator, Andy Wake where I go a
little deeper into flyers


Paul ‘Geek-a-tron’ Mort

PS- This is the kinda thing that MMIC members
get exlusive access to.

They get ME, PERSONALLY working on their
flyers and leaflets.

So that they can get MAXIMUM return on

and a ton of new leads.

But it’s too expensive for most PT’s.

or so they tell me as they plough more money
and time into getting more ‘likes’

MEEEEOOOOWWWW ^^ (I jest, of course, squire)

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