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“Throwing Shit at the Wall” Marketing Plans

December 20, 2013

Overloaded by the ‘Dont get fat at xmas”
thing now eh?

We see it EVERY season too.

“Valentines special”
“Back to school offer”
“Easter discount”
“Bikini Bootcamp”
“Little Black Bullshit”

Ever do this?

Yup, so does everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not telling you to NOT
do this…

Okay, I am.

“How do you expect to stand out when you’re
doing the same as everyone else?”

You don’t even need a ‘marketing calendar’ that
I’m now seeing talked about by guy’s that are
making it harder than it needs to be.

It’s a simple, 3 step process that when its done right
means a steady flow of new clients

A- Get Leads
B- Convert Leads
C- Get them to refer

Rinse and Freaking Repeat

No need for that seasonal stuff..

which is kinda like ‘throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks’ images-3

Listen, i know that i make that sound really easy.

So here’s what am a do, just for you, hotlips:

±±First up, am gonna put on a BONUS podcast
on this where I go a little deeper- ±±

You’ll need to head on over to itunes and subscribe
the my podcast for this

Heres the link:


±±Secondly, as you’ll have more time on your
hands than normal over the holidays…±±

I’m gonna send you some BITE-SIZED chunks

of actionable tips that should help you ‘kill
it’ when you head back to work.

You need to be on my email list to get em though…

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Nice of me right?

I wont ask for ANYTHING in return for this killer info.

Just that you take action on the high level content
I’ll be sharing.

Cuz if you don’t…

and its kinda ‘ballsy’ of me to say this, babycakes..

But if you aren’t using the free biz’niz tips
I’m giving you..

theres ZERO point in you reading them

Hope I see you on the flipside dood..

I’m looking forward to sharing this.

Paul ‘will 2014 REALLY be different?’ Mort

PS- I KNOW I can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable
with my straight talking and honest emails…

but theres no point in sugar coating shit right?

PPS- the ‘bite sized’ tips will start on the 27th…so have your
notepad and big boy pants ready

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