36 PROVEN Ways To Get More Personal Training Clients

January 15, 2016

Oh… so you want more fitness clients?

I get it dude. This fitness game can be RUTHLESS at times

and lets face it, your business lives and dies on SALES.

It can get kinda stressful right? Least thats how it was for me, chachi

See before I got into this Business Coaching and marketing game….

—>Yup, I actually trained people. 1-1, Small Groups, Bootcamps (and even Bodypump and aqua aerobics- but don’t tell anyone that)

I built some big ass businesses, and was lucky enough to be able to sell a couple of them for some decent bacon too.

Since I stepped away from training people, I’ve worked with hundreds maybe THOUSANDS of ambitious PT’S through my coaching, my inner circle, my podcast and of course my speaking at the likes of BodyPower, Fitpro and ‘Changing the game’ over in Florida.

In all my 15 years in this industry.. its always been the same problem facing PT’s.

“How do I get more clients?”

So me being the nice guy I am (I say that VERY loosely BTW)

I though I’d hook your cute little booty up with some of my most profitable tips and tactics for getting more clients and FAST too…

WARNING #1: i’m going to be BRUTALLY honest here: Although these efforts WORK. They require EFFORT, They require HUSTLE and some of them… well, they may only work short term

Maybe you’ve tried most of the things below.. and discovered that yourself that hustling doesn’t really work out in the long term

—> making it CRITICAL that you ‘opt in’ to receive my daily emails, where I teach how to build a business that doesn’t take over your whole life.. and will hand your competition their ass on a plate

I.E: An automated marketing funnel that requires a little effort each day but brings in potential clients on a daily basis too.. leaving you with more time off AND more bacon in your sammich.

In short- the simple funnel of ‘Drive Traffic—> get leads—> email leads daily—-> close leads’ beats ALL of these for a CONSTANT flow of clients. PERIOD.

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WARNING #2: 99% of business owners reading this will do NOTHING with the information here. They’ll nod their heads, think- “nice” and ignore it..

The same people that AREN’T making the money that they’d like because ‘They already know that’


Because business takes EFFORT. A LOT of effort.

Business is hard work, sometimes you might get frustrated. Fed up even.

Business MUST be consistent.

Business is not a ‘Well I tried it once and it didn’t work, half-as*ed’ type of deal.

Business  DEFINITELY isn’t a ‘Well, I did do emails for a little while but then I got busy’ thing either.

It requires consistent, habitual EFFORT.

Sadly, not everyone is willing to put this in.

Or they fool themselves into thinking they ARE putting effort in.

Messing around with websites (that should be left to the professionals) , posting on Facebook, Twitter, emails, pointless debating on forums and ‘meetings’ disguised as a chance to drink coffee and shoot the shizznit.

When people are whining about lack of clients- I find myself thinking ‘what on earth do you do all day?’

If you lack the testicular fortitude to go out and actually DO THE WORK.. then you may as well leave now..

However if you’re ready to put some graft lets kick this off

WARNING #: Some of these I WOULD NOT personally do… but that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t do them. (if you want to know how I WOULD and HAVE  built my profitable business- click here)

Try this on for size dude :

1- Write an article full of useful information and share it not only on Facebook but on your blog, and on article submission sites to prove that you actually know something and to direct traffic back to your website?

2-  Print that article out and handed it out to ANYONE that you think would read it- the gym, clients, ex clients, friends, family, members of the gym you train at, the local health food store- whatever.

3– Record a useful, informative and even motivational video- upload it to Youtube, twitter and Facebook with a link back to your website

4- Send a NEWSWORTHY (that means NON promotional) press release to the local papers and follow up PROPERLY, IE call them once and make sure they got it

5– Call and have a CONVERSATION with (NOT PM ON Facebook, NOT text, NOT email- they’re all lazy)  EVERY SINGLE ONE of your FORMER clients and try to get them back on board.

6- ASK EVERY SINGLE ONE your current clients to their face or by phone if they know anyone that wanted great results like them?

7 Leverage EVERY SINGLE… you get the idea…. current/past clients, friends/family to see if you can go and deliver a LUNCH AND LEARN in their workplace?

8- Do a simple flyer drop in homes, offices etc? PLEASE have the flyer professionally designed

9– Attend as many local networking events as possible so more people know who you are.

10– Send a LETTER to ALL your ex clients to try and re-activate them

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11- Listen to the local radio and called in when they speak about something that’s linked to your niche

12– PAY for advertising in local magazines AND track the results

13– PAY for TARGETED ads on Facebook instead of spamming the shiz out of people

14– Post for free on free ad sites such as Gumtree and Google local

15-Hold an in-house referral contest (offering prizes/incentives for the winner)

16– Hold a transformation contest

17- Contact local clubs, social gatherings, schools etc and ask if you can go along and give a free talk

18- Use traditional marketing methods such as getting your website/logo etc on your car

19– write a MANIFESTO that you give away for free in exchange for email addresses

20– Apply for local business awards

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21– Organise a free weight loss Seminar for current/past/potential clients to attend

22- (SNEAKY one here) teach a few freelance classes in a local health club?

23- Contact local newspapers/magazines and newsletters and ask if they’d like a quality health and fitness writer to write a weekly/monthly column for them (send an example article in with the offer)

24– Offer a free place in your group program in exchange for having ‘cards/flyers etc’ in the workplaces of hairdressers, coffee shop workers and other places where your ‘ideal clients’ hang out

25– Approach a restaurant/café/take-away and ask if you could have ‘your bootcamp name’ approved items on the menu

26– Contact ‘influential’ people in your area and offer your services for free.(Councillors, business leaders, public speakers, journalists etc)

27– Stand outside of busy places and hand  out flyers

28– Piggy Back on other local business such as phyiso’s, chiropractors etc and offer to do joint promotions with them

29– Interview your current clients on their success and post the video up on Youtube- Imagine something like THIS for your business?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stt5jYw8jCg&feature=youtu.be

30- Get a sandwich board or something similar next to where you teach so people actually know who you are and what it is you’re actually doing.

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31-Give your current and past clients ANYTHING that will help them get referrals? (Posters, flyers, business cards, plastic cards, car window stickers?)

32– BLOW your clients away so much by doing something so ‘out of the ordinary’ that they tell EVERYONE about it? Remember, it’s NEVER crowded along the extra mile.

33- Contact a few people who you’d love to train but genuinely can’t afford your fees, offer them a place in exchange for referrals

34– ASK your clients how you can improve your service? THEN DO IT

35– ASK your clients how you can make it easier for them to refer people to you? THEN DO IT

36-Attend school fetes,Easter fayres, wedding fayres and instead of just standing behind a table handing out flyers, actually speak to people and get their email address in exchange for entry into a competition

Not a bad list to get cracking with eh?


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See why I get so frustrated when people tell me they’re ‘doing everything’ to try to get more clients.

So, the moral of the story:

Step away from the laptop once in a while, get off god-dam Facebook and go DO SOMETHING

Your bank balance will thank you for it.

Oh and remember, doing this stuff JUST ONCE isn’t enough. Marketing is also about CONSISTENCY.

Which is why a ‘funnel’ like I teach in MMIC  will ALWAYS beat the ‘tactic’s above for long term, low stress, and consistent profits- BY THE BOAT LOAD

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