December 2017 - The Paul Mort Podcast

New Year, New You!

December 30, 2017

And so, it begins Personal trainer’s all over country are already posting this sh*t up on… Facebook Twitter Instagram Even f*cking LinkedIn But let me ask YOU a question: How inspiring do you PERSONALLY find this? Sure, everyone hopes for a better year, next year… (Even if they’ve had an AMAZING year this year) But […]


Could Be Worse…

December 29, 2017

Is life a struggle sometimes? Do you feel fed up? Frustrated? Stuck in a rut? Well, if so… It’s time for a reality check, amigo Because someone, somewhere, in your town has it MUCH worse than you do And if you want PROOF of this? All you need to do, is grab a copy of […]


Do You See What I See?

December 28, 2017

Earlier this year, the UK fitness industry was estimated to be worth £4.7 BILLION Or £4,700,000,000 if you’re a fan of zeros Which I’m sure you’ll agree, is no small figure However, even though the industry continues to grow year on year… So does the average person In fact, the population is now FATTER than […]


Was It Worth It?

December 27, 2017

This week, all over the UK, the ‘sales’ are on And just like every other year… People are mobbing their local stores in search of bargains Some will have an idea of what they want And if the price is right? They’ll end up saving themselves a few quid The others? Bargain hunters They’re not […]


Why Is It Called ‘Boxing Day’?

December 26, 2017

Christmas Eve Christmas Day Boxing Day When you look at it ‘objectively’? The name ‘boxing day’ doesn’t really fit Does it? Which is why this year, inspired by my deep love of boxing… (Which I may have mentioned once or twice) I decided to Google it, and find out more Boxing day, apparently, gets it’s […]


Bah, Humbug?

December 25, 2017

Today is Christmas day, and I must admit, amigo… I was in two minds about whether or not to send you this email After all, I very much doubt you want to receive an email from your trusty Uncle Mortface… On the ONE day of the year when you’re NOT supposed to think about ‘work’ […]


Santa’s Coming!

December 24, 2017

That’s right, amigo… Santa is on his way! But before he arrives? Why not check out my ‘Daily Diesel’ podcast If you’ve NOT had a chance to listen this week? Here’s what you missed: DD #220: Lights, Lights, Lights DD #221: Back To The Big Smoke To listen to these, and ALL of the previous […]


Am I an arrogant pr=ck?

December 23, 2017

Before you decide wether I AM an arrogant pr=ck or not… have you ever felt kinda sorry for yourself? like… a bit of a loser with no energy… me too. in fact, after my loss and the frantic pace of the last few weeks I’ve basically moped around the house and had a bit of […]


When to QUIT. Turd Talk.

December 22, 2017

Brace yourself.. its coming The “2018” b*llocks Same every year.. Every single year You know it I know it People are so full of sh*t Heck, sometimes even I am “This year is MY Year” “It’ll be different this time” “Watch out 2018′ Its all b*llocks, right dude? The MUSH-COOKIES LOVE IT THOUGH… See, it’s […]


I lost my fight

December 21, 2017

Yep, as much as it hurts me to say it I LOST my fight on Friday After starting very scrappily I started to load up on my shots and not use my boxing skills then in the second round I got caught off-balance stepping around to throw a body shot and got put on my […]