They Don’t Believe You

December 16, 2017

That’s right, amigo They don’t believe you And most of them don’t care about: Your qualifications Your before and afters Your testimonials The reason? It’s VERY simple:


They all laughed at me when I told them

December 15, 2017

I have an office and my own private gym in whats called ‘managed workspace’ basically, a site where a bunch of bizniz’s and office all share the same ground… and a cafe. So couple weeks back I was sitting in the cafe enjoying a strong coffee and a bacon sammich (Flexible dieting for the win) […]


Take this fitness bizniz test

December 14, 2017

got an email from a dude called Gulliver Giles a while back… Twas a test that told you about all the EXCUSES that prospects, leads and clients give you about why they can’t sign up with you… and that the things you tell yourself about buying.. are the EXACT objections that you get from people […]


Blame It On The Weatherman

December 13, 2017

Most personal trainers are FULL of excuses I’m sorry if that offends you, amigo (Actually, no I’m not) But it’s true If you click the link below: And follow the instructions? You’ll receive a blueprint for creating a bootcamp business… That has the potential to bring in over £15K per month (For LESS than […]


“I Don’t Want To Run A Bootcamp!”

December 12, 2017

As you probably know… I’m a BIG fan of the ‘bootcamp’ business model In fact, a couple of years ago, I was known worldwide as ‘The Bootcamp King’ So you could say, I’m a little bit biased However, this ‘bias’ has NOTHING to do with opinion, mon ami It’s ALL based upon cold, hard, DATA […]


Time To Say Goodbye

December 11, 2017

As a personal trainer, you often have to bid your clients ‘farewell’ Sometimes, they disappear off the face of the earth Sometimes, you ‘sack’ them But thankfully, most of the time, you end up parting ways on good terms A similar thing happened in MY business, a few weeks ago… When long-time MMIC member ‘Ashley […]


Davina Gets Trolled

December 10, 2017

That’s right, amigo Davina got ‘trolled’ But to find out ‘who’ trolled her… And ‘why’? You’ll have to check out my ‘Daily Diesel’ podcast If you’ve NOT had a chance to listen this week? Here’s what you missed:



December 9, 2017

One of the MOST difficult things about being a personal trainer… Is making exercise ‘interesting’ for the average person You might like keeping track of your sets/reps/tempo/etc… But for most people? It’s BORING However, that’s NOT say that you CAN’T get them interested in what you’re selling… Because you CAN You just need to create […]


Today Is Your Last Chance

December 8, 2017

That’s right, amigo If you’ve been sat on the fence for the past few weeks… And you’re tired of pulling splinters out of your ar*e? Today is your LAST chance to book a seat for ‘Unstoppable Underground’ Full details can be found here:


One Sentence that rules them all…

December 7, 2017

Is it just me? Or do you get REALLY unfomfortable talking about nutrition in a social environment Seems to be the one subject that everyone has an opinion on right? even when they have zero experience or qualifications? I actually used to avoid going to social occasions with certain people In my town.. cuz I […]