3 things to do when you’re NOT making sales

November 21, 2017

Most of my emails are about how to get more clients and maketh more bacon Advice, tips and mindset hacks But one thing I don’t really cover is what to do when you’re actually DOING the work and NOT seeing results (Still blows my mind people who do f*ck all, despite their lack of cash) […]


These Personal Trainers Are W***ers!

November 20, 2017

Last Friday, I asked the members of my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ to tell me about their biggest ‘wins’ of the week Here are some of their responses: “Set up meeting with a potential investor of new business” “Engagement is massively better 6 new starters next week, works ridiculously. Thanks Paul Mort” “Had a 50k […]


“Paul Mort Is A Pr*ck”

November 19, 2017

That’s right, amigo I’m a pr*ck (Apparently) But to find out ‘why’ I’m a pr*ck? You’ll have to check out my ‘Daily Diesel’ podcast If you’ve NOT had a chance to listen this week? Here’s what you missed:


Davina McCall: Sugar Expert?

November 18, 2017

Last Friday night, Davina McCall put up a Facebook post comparing sugar to heroin… And rather predictably, people started losing their minds (Especially personal trainers) I’m not gonna get into the specifics of what was said… Mainly because I don’t give a sh*t But what I found strange, was the ‘ripple’ effect her post sent […]


7 PROVEN Ways to Crush Your Competition

November 17, 2017

So you want to “Stand out” huh droogie? You want to crush that cheap b*stard who teaches terrible form and sells dogsh*t supplements do ya? Well…. ‘So happens that your Dirty Uncle Morty has the tools to do exactly that. Lets cut the small talk then and git this party started, hombre: 1- Have the […]


How GREAT Personal trainers go broke

November 16, 2017

Lets face it bubbah, most PT’s are struggling Scraping by Long hours, unsociable hours AVERAGE (and unpredictable) income…. and it’s their own fault Lemme ‘splaineth: In our country… which is FATTER AND SICKER than it’s EVER EVER been The people who can do THE MOST to help these people.. Make less money than my mate […]


Sorry Girls (dudes only)

November 15, 2017

So I wouldn’t normally do this… as I like to keep both businesses separate but in the last few years, my life has completely transformed so much so, it led me to launch a brand new business “Unstoppable” and we’re currently 100 guys strong see, since I put out THAT video.. its had over 1 […]


Why I Stopped Training People…

November 14, 2017

You may have wondered this yourself dood: ‘How come you don’t train people anymore?’ You might think its just cuz i like to lay around the pool all day sipping mojitos and being fed grapes by my servent but the truth is this… TIME pure and simple I was doing the old “first client/bootcamp at […]


Bloody Hell… Why bother?

November 13, 2017

Exhausted P*ssed off Overwhelmed Terrified Drowning in a sea negative thoughts Feeling like Burning this whole ‘business thing’ down I know from my interactions with the thousands of self employed PT’s that they OFTEN feel like that (I’ve often felt that way, myself) So why bother? Why NOT just burn it down All it takes […]


I Caught Him Flush On The Chin

November 12, 2017

True story, amigo I caught him flush on the chin But to find out who ‘he’ is? You’ll have to check out my ‘Daily Diesel’ podcast If you’ve NOT had a chance to listen this week? Here’s what you missed: DD #199: It Did Hurt. A Lot DD #200: I Caught Him Flush On The […]