The Sales Process

August 31, 2017

A common misconception amongst some personal trainers… (Particularly those without any money) Is that ‘selling’ is somehow ‘evil’ My response to this is always the same: If you think selling is evil? Give your product/service away for FREE Of course, no-one is willing to this… Because they know deep down that they need money to live And […]


Time For A Reality Check

August 30, 2017

Every day, including Saturday and Sunday… I send you an email And inside each email, is a useful hint, tip, or piece of advice… For you to use in YOUR business Hopefully, if you’ve been reading these emails for some time… You’ve been using these tips And if you have? Your business should be going […]


Viagra For Personal Trainers

August 29, 2017

Personal trainers are a funny bunch, sometimes They take good care of themselves (Most of the time) They exercise They eat well And yet, they still struggle to ‘keep it up’ However… I’m NOT talking about their bedroom ‘abilities’ (I reckon there are a LOT of ‘Patrick Bateman’ impersonations taking place) I’m talking about their […]


Stressed Out? (So Was I)

August 28, 2017

Back in the day, when I was a personal trainer… I used to offer a ‘variety’ of services to a variety of different clients My schedule was busy The money was good And my business was doing well Or, so I thought, at the time The problem? I was doing too much Too many services […]


She Cried Like A Four Year Old

August 27, 2017

It’s true, amigo She cried like a four year old But to find out who ‘she’ was… And why she was crying? You’ll have to check out my ‘Daily Diesel’ podcast If you’ve NOT had a chance to listen this week? Here’s what you missed: DD #179: She Cried Like A Four Year Old DD […]



August 26, 2017

If you run a business, and you’re planning on making sales? You need to have a ‘sales funnel’ in place Unfortunately, lots of personal trainers DON’T know what a sales funnel is And if you’re the same? Allow me to enlighten you, amigo: A sales funnel, is simply a process that turns someone that has […]


How To Get More Leads

August 25, 2017

If there’s ONE thing personal trainers love… (Apart from eating all of their meals from tupperware) It’s asking the question: “How can I get more leads?” The answer to that, my friend… Is much like the answer to the question: “How long is a piece of string?” It depends If you want leads, and you […]


Free Lunch? (No Such Thing)

August 24, 2017

I try not to pay too much attention to what other people are doing/saying on social media… But every so often? Something catches my eye Recently, I’ve noticed quite a few people boasting… About how they’re generating leads for free/organically via Facebook If that’s true? (And that’s a BIG ‘if’) Fair play to them But […]


How To Make £30K(!) Per Hour

August 23, 2017

That’s right, amigo Your eyes AREN’T playing tricks on you… And that’s NOT a ‘typo’ There actually IS a way in which YOU can make £30K in exchange for ONE hour of your time And it involves WEBINARS To find out more? You’ll have to join my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:


“It’s Too Wet!”

August 22, 2017

If you’ve ever trained clients outdoors? You’ll have no doubt had someone cancel on you, because of the weather The most common reason, in the UK, would be the following: “It’s too wet!” But occasionally, you might even get: “It’s too hot!” “It’s too cold!” “It’s too windy!” “I can’t be ars*d!” As unpredictable as […]