You and your tired Bullshiz

January 31, 2017

So I’m BANG into helping business people transform their lives Wether thats by drastically increasing their profits and time off or upgrading their relationships and helping them become amazing dads or just giving them the tools to stay confident and calm in times of chaos and overwhelm (I’m talking about making them UNSTOPPABLE in case […]


Do you like it rough?

January 30, 2017

Behold ye some completely unsolicited “advice” from a reader: “I must say your overall email style is quite rough (not criticizing, just my view), but you’re still managing to nail all important things down” So let me ask you this… How would YOU respond to this kinda bullshiz? Man, I remember when it used to mess with […]


For Your Listening Pleasure

January 29, 2017

Just a quick one today, amigo It is Sunday, after all And I’m sure you’re busy with family stuff (And hopefully not too busy with work stuff) If you manage to get some time to yourself, later on? This week’s ‘Daily Diesel’ podcast episodes will be waiting for you:


Paul Mort: Summoned to court for taking a dump

January 28, 2017

back when I was a ‘wet behind the ears’ PT I used to run this 6:15am group training session here in South Shields Same routine before going every morning Get up, drink a coffee, take a dump But I remember one morning after a heavy weekend partying (those days are LONG gone) I hit the […]


I’m sorry about this (deadline)

January 27, 2017

If you’ve been waiting… hanging about or ‘sitting on the fence’ about my exclusive 1 day seminar “Mindset X #2.0” where you’re going to discover my personal blueprint for a bulletproof mindset then I’m going to have to apologise Because I’m creating a deadline…a STRICT DEADLINE that if you miss… well.. tough shit


Man Lessons From Keanu Reeves

January 26, 2017

Yesterday, I went to the cinema And whilst there? I’m happy to report that I had a gay ol’ time But not in the ‘popcorn surprise from another man’ sense I mean more in the innocent ‘Flintstones theme song’ style However, with that said?


How to take REJECTION

January 25, 2017

Here’s a knowledge bombadero for you, amigo Procrastination Putting things off Not doing what you said you would do Avoiding things, people and conversationBoil down to pretty much ONE thingFEAR OF REJECTION and man, I understand NO-ONE likes to be feel rejected I still remember the first time a girl rejected my advances and the […]


Confession: I’m a BAD dad

January 25, 2017

So last weeked, Mrs Mort had me watch “Bad Moms” in casa Mort She saw it at the cinema and said I ‘must’ watch it So, to make my life a little easier.. I reluctantly agreed and.. yup, you guess it I liked it. Not only is Mila Kunis super hot but it was actually […]


If I WAS to ‘bat for the other team’

January 24, 2017

I admit it, my friend I have a ‘Man- crush’ In fact I have a few, some you may have heard of.. the rest you can google Tom Hardy Travis Fimmel Andrea Pirlo Justin Timberlake Roy Keane Ryan Reynolds GGG Justin Bieber (yep) Denzel Washington and last week i made a new addition to this […]


The weird animal that bucks itself to death

January 23, 2017

Came across an article a while back now about a new species of mammal discovered in Australia they all it the “black-tailed antechinuses” and the most fascinating thing about it? it quite literally bucks itself to death they are at it for up to 14 hours at a time… so much so that the stress hormones […]