July 2016 - The Paul Mort Podcast

Meet me in Edinburgh?

July 31, 2016

Just a quickie today Next weekend, I’m presenting at the Lift the Bar conference in EdinburghThe line-up is pretty damn awesome… I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Mark Fisher speak Not only is the does the dude love unicorns and dildos (true story) he’s HILIARIOUS and ALMOST as cRaZy as me but he also happens […]


He’s talking A LOT of smack about me

July 29, 2016

So tonights the night… Even though I’ve had gastroenteritis and not done ANYTHING since last friday I AM going to fight tonight and while I haven’t been in any of the gym’s I’ve been sparring at the guy I’m fighting has been talking A LOT of smack about me Talking about what he’s going to […]



July 28, 2016

This ain’t one of those ‘drama queen’ posts, chico So don’t worry But all being well (I’ve had gastroenteritis since the weekend) I’ll be taking part in my first ever boxing match I’ve been training my ass for for 5 months… and I’m fitter than I’ve been since 2010 and the lightest too (dropped 3st […]


The ONLY way to shut me up

July 27, 2016

EVERYONE knows that I’m an opinionated asshole that aint a secrect, chachi or is it in doubt I mean… these emails are all pure opinion, backed up with a lot of FACT too But there is one way to shut me up… with RESULTS See, results are actually ALL that matter in this bizniz game […]


He Nearly Killed Me

July 26, 2016

So in yesterday’s email… I happened to mention that I was in a car accident a few years back. And a few people replied to my email, asking to know what happened. Which in itself… Is a testament to the POWER of email marketing when it comes to building relationships. Especially when you consider that […]


SOS: We’re Under Attack

July 25, 2016

  Just a quick one today, chachi. ‘Castle Mort’ is currently under attack… From a particularly nasty stomach bug. So for the rest of the day? I’ll be in bed. Shivering. Sweating. And more than occasionally… Shitting. (That’s NOT an invite for you to join me, by the way.) But you know what? Even though […]


How to kill Facebook trolls

July 23, 2016

Case you hadn’t noticed.. I run a fair few paid ads over on the old FlakebookChances are, that’s how you ended up over here getting these emails, broheim Anyhoo, if you’ve ever run ads on there (you should be) You’ll be aware that there’s always one snowflake that feels the need to drop somekinda “Dickish” […]


“Are you okay?”

July 22, 2016

Man, I just tuned in to my emails after 3 days delivering the world class experience for modern business owners: Unstoppable Bastards-Uncaged Inbox is rammed with emails like “Are you okay?” and “I didn’t get your email today, can you resend?” Stressed me out a little, if we’re being honest See, one of my very […]


Whiny Cheapskate Magnet

July 20, 2016

Since you specifically asked to be on this “Yup-I-wanna-make-more-money-and-crush-my- competition” List… Got a ton more questions about the Inner Circle that I’ll answer for ya. Mostly about price… (it’s NOT for you if thats your question) Truth is, dood.. a few people have still whined about it. Thats fine. They’re clearly happy with where they […]


“You must be NuTz”

July 19, 2016

So we’re just 10 days out from my first ever boxing match I would say I’m excited, but I’d be lying and I leave that to dem mush cookie mentors Funny thing is, everyone keeps telling me I’m NuTz for wanting to get in a ring and fight Which isn’t helping my nerves then again, […]