2015-going, going, going - The Paul Mort Podcast

2015-going, going, going

September 29, 2015

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This weekend, Olde Uncle Mortface is heading
down to the big smoke (London) to check out the NFL
game at Wembley Stadium

I have no fucking clue what the rules are..
or anything like that

But I still find it pretty exciting
(and don’t get me started on dem cheerleaders)


I was reminded of this ‘4th quarter’ thing

Eric Thomas, the ‘hip hop preacher’ talks about
this all of the time.. in his T.G.I.M videos

In Basketball and ‘Football’<<-- (thats
played with hands?) games are OFTEN won and
lost in that fourth quater

You can snatch victory from the jaws of


in your case, my brother..

Snatch ‘Bacon’ from the Jaws of ‘Death’

Lemme ‘splaineth what I meaneth, squire:

RIGHT NOW, we’re into the LAST quater of the

It’ll be 2016 before we know it

(Crazy right?)

and casting my mind back to January this year

I’m reminded how FULL of SHIT people are.

“This year is my year”

“New year, new me”

“Watch me go”

and all of that other bullshit

“Dream big

MOST people (maybe even you) are stil in
EXACTLY the same position they were that day.

++–Fear not, young soldier –++

There’s still time…

But something MUST change.

Heard a KILLER statement the other day

“Procrastination is the slow death of dreams”

^^^ TRUTH BOMB, right there

You can still pull off those dreams, my friend.

You can still pull this year around

Stop fucking around

Stop wasting time on Facebook
(don’t tell me you don’t)

Stop procrastinating

Stop trying to figure it all out for yourself

Get some help from someone thats DONE IT

Like your Uncle Morty, Obviously..

Here’s how:


Paul ‘Truth Meister’ Mort

PS- I got more on the “last quarter” of the year
for you…

It’ll piss a lot of people off

the truth often does that

Stay tuned, my feathered friend

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