They’re changing the rules..(again)

February 27, 2014

MMIC member Liam Thompson and my ‘go to’ website guy.. Sent me this article yesterday about Facebook. So what? I hear you cry, squire. The article basically says that Facebook have pulled the plug on their email system.. Quietly and with zero fuss. Kinda like me when I demolish a crate of ye olde […]


Hope you’re okay…

February 26, 2014

Are you ok? Noticed a lot of my comrades are struggling right now… Serious shit. Down in ye old dumps. Head not in the right place. Struggling to stay on top of work and stay focused. Feeling kinda overwhelmed. If thats you too, hombre. I hear ya. I get those dark thoughts top. The self […]


Cocaine, Bacon and Giant Breasticles

February 25, 2014

Cocaine, bacon and giant breascticles If you haven’t seen Wolf of Wall Street, you’re missing a doozy of a movie.. Jam packed with… yup, you guessed it, hombre.. Narcotics, money and boobs. But it’s also jam packed with biz’niz lessons. Too many to mention in one email, actually babycakes. I actually want talk to you […]


So much better than the ‘dial tones’

February 24, 2014

Got this email from a reader last week: “I just wanted to tell you your emails are the most entertaining thing- EVER. Its like you are listening to the conversation in my head …only you are actually writing it down and ….publishing it! I mean WHO has the balls to write about ping pong balls […]


My Autobiography (138Tips)

February 21, 2014

Been promising this doozy for a little while. It’s a big list of things I’ve learnt since I had my fated ‘meltdown’ a couple of years back. BUT…for the ‘uninitiated’ readers that will devour this one.. I though it would be a good idea to ‘pre-frame’ the list by giving you a head up as […]


138 Tips For Fitness Biz’niz Domination

February 21, 2014

Let’s cut to the chase. Right now I’m supposed to ‘wow’ you with how awesome I am and tell you some bullshit, boring story about how I was broke and homeless… then I ‘stumbled upon’ a ‘secret’ that helped me become a super rich bad ass and now ‘I want to just give back’ (more […]


Potty Training For Personal Trainers

February 20, 2014

Just back from first session with my new shrink. spent the WHOLE morning worrying about it. See, its MEGA uncomfortable. He asks like the most awful, personal questions. One of those things that has to be done tho, hombre. But its like Potty Training. You might be shitting yourself.. but you know its better in the […]


Looking for PT.. found obituary

February 19, 2014

Last week in a guest article I wrote I made one of my ‘Blunt Statements’ Not like me eh, cupcake? Went like this: “If I cant find you on Google, Ill take my money elsewhere” So reader, Jane Sharkey messaged me with: “I Googled myself – I found an obituary !!!” Obvsiously thats creepy and […]