I’m Turning Into The Scrooge Of Fitness

November 29, 2013

“How do you know Xmas themed fitness marketing sucks? Cuz everyone’s doing it” The Majority are wrong. Jon Mcculloch, A.K.A the Evil Bald Genius and also one of my mentors told me that earlier this year. And those stats I showed you yesterday prove it…. Makes sense right, amigo? UK is fatter than it ever […]


How GREAT Personal Trainers Go Broke

November 28, 2013

Lets face it chico, most personal trainers are struggling. and it’s their own fault. Lemme ‘splaineth: In our country… which is FATTER AND SICKER than it’s EVER EVER been. The people who can do THE MOST to help these people.. Make less money than my mate that works in Greggs. its down to one thing […]


Another Message From an Email ‘Nay-sayer’

November 27, 2013

Had another message that kinda pissed me off yesterday. Although I admire how forward this lady is Actually, got talking to her and she ‘s lovely. (wussup Kim?) “Paul, not being funny but I’ve been doing this a long time.. and you’ll never sell anything ‘expensive’ using email” Now, I have no idea what this […]


How not to look like a dick and a frank confession

November 26, 2013

Late on from me today, babycakes. I mentioned this the other week. It’s the one about giving your opinion without being an arse-hole about it. Nick Mitchell made some KILLER points on trolls in this podcast actually, dood. So, In my overloaded inbox (damn holidays) this morning. I had one from a friend of […]


Erik Rokeach: Drops Some Serious Knowledge On How To Get Kick-Ass Testimonials That Turn Into Money.

November 24, 2013

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As If My Ego Couldn’t Get Any Bigger…

November 22, 2013

I get A LOT of emails thanking me for both the podcast…. and of course, my famous daily emails. And its REALLY nice. Huge boost to my ego. So thanks for that, I DO really appreciate it. But here’s the thing, breezy. If you aren’t earning any extra money as a result of my stuff.. […]


I Just Couldn’t Be Bothered Anymore…

November 21, 2013

This email could set off a lightbulb for you.. That could mean more cash in your sky rocket. Have I mentioned I’m in Egypt right now? Didn’t want to rub it in or anything. But thats not the point in this email. I wanted to talk to you about a new notion that some of […]


Geeking out on this Virgin video…

November 21, 2013

  Make what you want of that headline, hotlips,   But it ISN’T what you think it is, ya dorty buggar.   See, I’ve been banging on about ‘info-tainment’ for a while.   And last week I saw something that made me smile   (that wasn’t meant to rhyme, by the way– ha)   Specially […]


Ben Settle: Talks about the power of Daily Email – how to craft, have fun with and profit from something so simple!

November 20, 2013

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