The Art of Being Anti-Professional

October 31, 2013

Was talking to someone about my Podcast the other day.. Dude was sayin that my ‘logo’ could potentially put people off and scare them away. He didn’t really get it at the time But thats EXACTLY what I want it to do, chico. Hence the tag line ‘No whiners or Sensitive Snowflakes’ see, if you’re ‘put- […]


Charlotte Ord: Tells Us How She Landed The Biggest Loser Gig And Show And How She Crushed A Hater With Love.

October 30, 2013

Show Links (Click to Play) Charlotte’s Recommended Book:  Delivering Happiness: Tool(s) Of The Week:  Examine Research: Aweber: MindBody: Quick Books (Accounting): Free Agent (Accounting): Where can you find more from Charlotte?  Website: : Facebook: Twitter:


Ben Coomber: Talks Building A Tribe Of Raving Fans, Marketing, Podcasting and lot’s of other cool shizzle.

October 30, 2013

Show Links (Click to Play) Gold dust moment =  Deliver the programme by post for the “thud factor”. Ben’s Recommended Book(s): Business: Nutrition: Where can you find more from Ben? Website: Ben Coomber TV: Ben Coomber Radio: Ben on Twitter: Facebook:


She’s Threatening to have my site shut down..

October 30, 2013

I’ve been being stalked by a woman from a cleaning company. She’s sent me a few emails now, threatening to have one of my sites taken down.. Because I’m using a picture that’s copywrited aparantly. Serious shit… The picture is of a woman covered in post it notes. I aint gonna show you how to avoid […]


Will I Be the Fattest One There?

October 29, 2013

Man, I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve had saying that. gets kinda irratating right brew? But its a genuine concern that peeps have. When you haven’t done anything in a while and your’e carrying excess timber Its fucking terrifying.. Take it from the original fat dad here. Kinda reminds me of some […]


How Do I find you?

October 28, 2013

On friday my bi’niz partner and secret weapon behind Lean Greens hitting quarter of a million pounds on 8 months, Tim Goodwin. Taught a room full of our Bulk Buyers some ninja shit about google. You know, the most powerful website in the world? The thing that people search on when they’re looking for products and services? […]


My Evil Plan To Steal All Of Your Clients….

October 26, 2013

Just left a room of 100 pissed off fitness professionals. I’ll get to why they’re so pissed off in a second. Ya see, chico… we’ve spent the day showing them how there businesses are kinda fucked. we’ve shown them what there ACTUAL hourly rate is. We’ve shown them how much time they WASTE doing shit […]


Alex Ferentinos talks Buildling a HUGE tribe, simplifying your content and standing out by being yourself

October 25, 2013

Alex’s Recommended Book(s) on Nutrition: Know Your Fats: The Protein Book: Where can you find more from Alex? Website: Alex Ferentinos on Twitter: Alex Ferentinos – Nutrition and Fitness Consultant on Facebook: The Alex Ferentinos YouTube Channel: TOOL OF THE WEEK: Breathing Zone app: Alex’s Tip – Try it with all sounds off but play […]


You’re a lycra wearing lettuce lover?

October 24, 2013

So I asked a question at an event I was at last week with a bunch of non fitness people… “What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words personal trainer?” Lycra and Lettuce! Was the general consensus. Fascinating right? It is a problem though. Here-in lies why, soldier. If you call […]


About that Shiny Object Thing…

October 23, 2013

The Shiny Object Ting Had to layeth down the smacketh on a few of my mentoring students yesterday. and its VERY relevant to you. See, since I started the Paul Mort Podcast… Fitpros have been LOVING it. Especially the latest one from Alwyn Cosgrove… Who just spent a week on Richard Bransons private island.. You […]