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2 killer ways to KILL procrastination

May 24, 2016

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Everyone has days where they feel shitty, right?

Don’t they?

When you just can’t be arsed

You feel lazy

You feel shitty, foggy


“beast-mode” (whatever that means)is broken

So you end up just pissing around,

So you have a coffee, a strong one…

and still, jack shit gets done

so you start using “time’

say its 14:46…

“I’ll start at 15:00′

^^ or is that just me? hahaha

What do you do?

Well here’s a lil ‘hack’ I use:

“The 4 minute warm up”

I commit to 4 minutes

yes, hombre.. FOUR minutes

(my wife should be so lucky- ha!)

I set the stop watch to 4 minutes…

and I tell myself that I’ll just do 4 minutes
then quit… walk away from the laptop


I do this with training sometimes to

When I can’t be assed with it

“I’ll just do the warm up and the deadlifts”

and sure enough, almost every time I do this

I just ‘get into it’

But it starts with 4 minutes…

Sounds simple, buy fuck.. its effective,

Give it a shot…


do what my man Dean Mcmenemin up in Glasgow

“Whenever im feeling lazy, shitty,
unmotivated and procrastinating All I need to
do is pick out any of the MMIC newsletters or
teleclass cd’s for 2 minutes.. Boooom…
Ready to dominate”

and of course

when he takes ACTION on the content in there

He gets results

Which, of course, means FUN COUPONS…

Want some?


Paul ‘4 minute’ Mort

PS-Procrastination is also a reason why your prospects DON’T buy from you…

and its costing you money…


Tune in tomorrow

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