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£16K Each Month?!

December 2, 2017

I’m a HUGE fan of the bootcamp business model, amigo

Whilst MOST personal trainers are struggling to make £16K a year?

Having your own bootcamp could bring you in nearly £16K a month

(Most of which will be profit due to the lack of overheads)

However, to make that sort of money?

You’ll have to do a bit more than set up a few cones in a field…

And rely on your family and friends to turn up and bring their work colleagues

(There’s a little bit more too it than that)

You have to create something that people actually WANT…

And you have to get them INTERESTED in what you’re offering

Luckily for you, mon ami…

Getting people interested in what you’re selling is EXACTLY what I cover in this month’s MMIC newsletter:


Inside which, you’ll discover:


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* Four VERY simple ways to make LOTS of extra cash before Christmas

* How to avoid fixating on ‘m*sturbation metrics’ and what you need to focus on instead

* The ONE thing you need to work on, if you want to make the BIG bucks and safeguard your FUTURE income

* How to compete with BIG name brands and WIN every time

* The little known art of using STORIES to attract more fans and make more sales

* Why content creation is more RISKY than ever before, and how to turn these risks into REWARDS

* What you NEED to ‘become’ if you ever hope to create a tribe of LOYAL followers

* The TRUTH about ‘conversion rates’ and ‘cost per clicks’ and how they could be HARMING your business

* How I’m MORE committed to your success than EVER before

* And much, much more…

If you like the sound of that?

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And I’ll tell you how to get your hands on a copy

Paul ‘Pay Rise’ Mort

PS – If you’ve got NO interest in running your own bootcamp…

And dramatically increasing your income in 2018?

(Instead of struggling for cash like MOST personal trainers are, right now)

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