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I’m Obsessed with Your Inbox… Weird?

November 5, 2013

You know I’m head over heels in love with
this email lark right brew?

Seriously, the results since I ‘plugged in’
daily email have been sensational.

Even a grumpy owld bastard like me gets a
semi on with results like these…

Lean Greens has seen a 40% Increase in sales
since I started Email every day.

You think thats motivating, thunderlips?


One of my other lists…

I get paid EVERY time I send a mail.

I showed my stats the other week at the
‘world fitness business summit’

and peoples minds were blown.

Turns Out I’m not the only one.

My ‘Go-to’ guy for FB ads and the like talks
about it in episode#8 of the Podcast..

Check it out here—


So I wanna keep on trying to ‘convince’
you to spend less time

DICKING AROUND on Social Media and more time
doing shit that brings a bigegr return on investment.

So you can enjoy more time with your friends and familia, amigo.

So here are just 5 reasons I LOVE your inbox dood.images

And they ALL apply to you and your potential
clients too.

1- Top of Mind Awareness…

When you ARE ready to invest in growing your
biz’niz.. you gonna listen to me, who’s
sending you useful content for free every

Or the douchestick thats always shouting ‘buy
my shit’?

2- I have your attention.

I’m not competing with photo’s of cute
kittens or those stupid ‘sweat is fat crying’

or people bragging about shit that
no-one cares about


Social Media isn’t. you’re telling me Twitter
and Facebook gets you clients..

But does it really? Can you show me the stats?

Where your last 10 clients came from?

Cuz i can ‘show you mine’ ya dorty bugger 😉

4- I have no competition.

Most people that do what I do are too busy
trying to sell you stuff

and trying to get more ‘likes’ to bother sending you useful
emails as often as I do.

5- It KILLS procrastination.

I’ve lost count of the number of people that
have said ‘Oh, I meant to sign up for that
last week- thanks for reminding me’

[[[—Herein layeths the endeth of the 5 tips, squire—]]]

So one more question….

What are you waiting for?

Paul ‘in your inbox’ Mort

PS- I’ll show you some cool tips to grow your
email list tomorrow…

But don’t forget to listen to the podcast

Here’s da link for you guys that don’t
have i-tunes—-


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