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14 New Clients for Deano

August 24, 2016

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Behold ye an email from MMIC insider Dean McMenamin:

“Your Guinea Pig Trial method has resulted in getting me 14 new clients signed up (and staying on with referrals still frequently coming) with my brand new small groups programmes.

And those email ideas you gave me on the weekly call last week?

Ruffled up that ‘dead list’ of mines which resulted in a few unsubscribes and another sign up.

Not bad right?

Thanks for MMIC and all the coaching I’ve received from you.

I’ve come a long way since my PAYG boot camp just a couple short years ago.”

Pretty damn sweet huh? ^^

I mean, a brand new small group program with FOURTEEN new clients is no chump change..

Listen, this kind of thing is a REGULAR occurence inside of MMIC

(Especially now I added in the extra FREE bonus of a weekly mastermind call)

But here’s the thing—>

MMIC is NOT for everyone..

No, really…

* It’s NOT for you if you’re one of those dudes that jumps from mush-cookie to mush cookie looking for the magic pill

* It’s NOT for you if you think you can just join, do NOTHING, then have clients sign up with you via ‘Osmosis’ or some shizz

* and it’s DEFINITELY not for you if you intend on joining for a month, pillaging as much stuff as you can and then leaving
Honestly, if any of the above sound like you

We’d be a TERRIBLE fit to work together

If you’re not in the above catergorys

and are VERY ambitious, hard working and ready to increase your profits and spend more time with your family?

Click here:

MMIC Sales Page (July 2016)

Paul ‘Deano fan boy’ Mort

PS- I ain’t forgotten about that Mcgregor v Diaz email


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