13.5 Inches Of Solid Gold

February 27, 2017

Get your mind out of the gutter, hotlips

I’m NOT talking about my willy

(I only measure in at a ‘mere’ 12 inches, I’m afraid)

I’m actually talking about the awards that were handed out at last night’s Oscars ceremony

Whilst I didn’t stay up to watch it?

It’s all over the news today

And from what I’ve seen?

It looks like I didn’t miss much

Expensive one-off designer creations

Ridiculous levels of plastic surgery

Nauseating, ‘gushing’ speeches

And that’s just the MEN

But you know what?

It’s OK to make the occasional gushing speech

Especially if you’re GENUINELY passionate about something

For example, here’s what ‘John H’ recently had to say about my members only ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

Just wanted to get a bit ‘guru fan boy’, and say thank you for MMIC and all the kick ass support and strategy I have received.

I have so much more clarity and confidence than before…

And instead of focusing on a ‘sickening work ethic’?


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I am doing the work and focusing on being ‘sickeningly patient’.

It’s good shit baby!

If YOU’D like more clarity and confidence in YOUR business decisions…

Instead of just focusing on ‘working hard’ 24/7?

I have some good news

MMIC will be opening up again in a few weeks

All you need to do?

Is keep an eye on your inbox

And I’ll be in touch soon, to tell you how you can get in

Paul ‘Peewee’ Mort

PS – If you CAN’T wait that long…

And you’d like to experience some ‘Mort-Love’ right now?

Head on over to my Flakebook page:


And say ‘hi’

(Just try not to ‘gush’ too much)

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