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The #1 way to crush cheap PT’s?

May 28, 2016

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Ever had a girlfriend or client that was like SUPER needy?

Like always wanting your attention and
seeking your approval for shit…

ANNOYING as a “Looky Looky” man in a spanish
restaraunt selling fake watches

But you know, we see this ALL the time in

Approval seeking, fitting in, scared to break
the ‘rules’

and its a CRITICAL error

ESPECIALLY if you’re looking to be seen as an
AUTHORITY in your field…

Not just an ‘expert’ but an authority

trust me, chachi…

if you’re wanting to command LARGE FEES (you
do) and start ‘rising above’ those cheapskates around the corner charging 3 quid a class and a tenner an hour for PT..

You MUST be perceived an authority.

your first step to doing so?


STOP putting your prospects up on a PEDASTAL

See, when you put people up on a pedastal

The ONLY place they can look at you…

is DOWN.

Not where you want to be, cupcake

I mean unless you want to be pissed around
with clients that don’t listen to you and
leave as fast as LeBron James Gets up the

This is kind of an advanced marketing and
selling strategy..

and the opposite (again) to what they Mush
Cookies tend to teach

It’s NOT about ‘engagement’ <– thats
approval seeking

It’s about AUTHORITY

It’s about being seen as THE leader in your area

One of the FASTEST and SIMPLEST way’s to do this?

Run an event

a seminar

a workshop

Even the juice + pirates do it..

(more on that next week)

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