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is THIS the #1 KILLER of Success?

September 12, 2016

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I’d like to think I know a fair bit about success AND of course, its nemesis—> failure

and… not being a guy that like to blow his own trumpet

I’ve had a fair bit of both of those things

I mean, I’ve :

* built a bootcamp business from scratch to 19 locations

sold it, then moved to Marbella, Spain

* I’ve started a Supplement company (Lean Greens) and sold that on for a fair chunk of cash too

* Spoken at the biggest events in the fitness game.. Bodypower, Fitpro, Leisure Industry week..

To name just a few ^^

Yup, I’m blushing here

and maybe pissing you off too, chico..


in all of the podcasts interviews I’ve done (a lot)

I get asked the “mistake” question on almost every one

Whats the biggest mistake Fitpros make?”

and my answer used to vary but now it’s down to just ONE mistake

and its also the #1 Killer of success…



Straight up FEAR

Fear of looking silly
Fear of feeling like a failure
Fear of things not working
Fear of being laughed at
Fear of rejection

and you can dress it up however you want

“Procrastination”… “Perfectionsim”

its all the same… either way, most people let it CRIPPLE them

thing is, it’s not something you can fix easily

and guess what? NO AMOUNT of ‘Motivational quotes’ or “Just do it!” messages will fix it

The only way?

GET TO THE ROOT CAUSE of your fear

because it stems from something…

that’s one of the reasons I create “Unstoppable Bastards: Un-Caged”

to set men FREE of those fears

to transform them from ‘Stuck’ and ‘Underachieving..’ to UNSTOPPABLE

and I open the doors to YOU on FRIDAY.. and it starts with a phonecall with me

but you gotta get on the ‘early bird’ list if you want to even stand a chance of getting in on this

Click HERE to get on the list and you’ll get first dibs at the action

Paul’ brag, brag’ Mort

PS- I’m gonna do a video on fear later over on Flakebook

Keep an eye on my personal profile if you’re interested

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