​Snowflake Repulsion 101 - The Paul Mort Podcast

​Snowflake Repulsion 101

May 31, 2015

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Behold ye an interesting message I got last
week from a reader

“Paul, I’m a marketing expert based out of
Canada and I can’t help but wonder if this
part of your website is costing you sales:

‘They’ are too busy trying to impress other
trainers on Facebook that they convince
themselves they’re busy…

Yet their bank account, their stress levels
and their distinct lack of lifestyle paints a
very different picture.

So I wanna ‘rule out’ and ELIMINATE those
people right now. (Heck, YOU may even be one
of them.) This Inner Circle is NOT for those
people.They’re not even CLOSE to being a
good fit.”

You can read the whole thing at:



Is this nasty little tit-bit (great word)
costing me sales?


Thing is, I’m not really bothered either..

See, chico,there really are certain people I
do NOT want subscribing to MMIC (and I bet
you feel the same about your bizniz too)

Like those extremely needy people who whine,
try to abuse my time, don’t appreciate value,
have no sense of humor and freak out about
the dumbest things.

Let em haunt and drain someone else..

And if that attitude costs me some sales, I’m
totally cool with that, mon ami

But you know what?

I doubt it’s “costing” me sales anyway.

For one thing, MMIC has done WAY better than
I thought it would

It’s totally surpassed my original goals and
expectations (especially considering how much
fun it is).

And for another thing, this kind of
“repulsive” talk works.

Successful people LIKE to be told how it is.

To have the facts (even the downside) shown
to them.

Snowflakes on the other hand, like to be told
they’ll be riding a unicorn in a vault of gold
coins and quinoa, like Scrooge McDuck just by
getting on a ‘free strategy call’

Hey, I know that offends some people.

But those are the people I DON’T want
subscribing to my program, listening to my

or even hanging out on my free email list.

Like it or lump it, cupcake–> that’s the way it

Some people are in the “attraction” marketing


I’m in the “repulsion” marketing business.

And you know what?

It’s worked out pretty good so far…


Paul ‘Chump repellant’ Mort

PS- This is EXACTLY the kind of marketing I
teach in MMIC

Dude, there are MORE than enough COOL PEOPLE
for you to make a GREAT living

without having to deal with chumps, energy suckers,
chavs, pissers and moaners…

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