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How Do You Know If Someone Is A Vegetarian?
Don't worry. They'll tell you as soon as they can. (The same joke can also be used for 'Crossfitters'.) Apparently,[...]
He’s Gonna Fill Me In
on't tell my wife. But later on today? I've got a date... With another man. If all goes well? He's[...]
Why I’m CANCELLING it all
“too late, we’re full up” ^^ not only is that a killer title and subject line of an email but[...]
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
I don't work Wednesdays. Instead? I have what I like to call a 'Free Day'. Which means that I do[...]
Where There’s Smoke…
I'm in London today. AKA - 'The Big Smoke'. Admittedly, it's NOT my favourite place in the world. (Too many[...]
Holiday Lessons From ‘Simon The Ogre’
Do you remember that old TV ad from Thomson Holidays? The one that featured 'Simon The Ogre'? If not? Allow[...]
Your FREE Ear Warmers Are Ready
In my last email, I gave you my thoughts on 'Black Friday'... And why I don't offer discounts. (And why[...]
My BIG Black Friday Announcement
So here it is, chico. If you've spent the past 24 hours 'salivating' at the prospect of a big, fat,[...]
Wish You Were Here?
Have I ever told you that I can travel through time? True story, amigo. At this very moment... As you[...]
How uGlY dudes get more chicks than you
When I was a teenager walking around with a permanent semi on (I used to have to tuck that shit[...]