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PT clients for gym based trainers
So here's the deal, bro-chacho: Marketing is marketing, selling is selling That meaneth---> the gold I drop is these here[...]
“Can I pick your brain?”
You know how it is, chico... Those emails. Texts, Facebook messages and tweets The Lunches, the coffees, the pints all[...]
How to build a GIANT group training biz
in case you didn't know... Back in the day, Uncle Mort-dizzle build a BIG group training bizniz Like 4 countries,[...]
Why people HATE me
I often get accused of being an asshole.. Blunt offensive arrogant cocky to the point no BS.. and you know,[...]
Email from a Sceptical PT
Sceptical PT Anthony D uses MMIC to earn more money and have more time off Looky here: --- "Most online[...]
No Poo Tokens
That's right, mon ami... I had a bit of a 'messy' situation earlier this week, when I ran out of[...]
They’ve Already Given Up!
Today's date is January 13th 2018... And despite the fact that we're LESS than two weeks into the New Year?[...]
They all laughed at me when I told them
I have an office and my own private gym in whats called ‘managed workspace’ basically, a site where a bunch[...]
He Told Me He Hated It
The fitness industry is a strange beast Despite the 'everything is awesome' image that personal trainers like to portray? Most[...]
No More Stories (The End?)
As you know, I'm BIG on bootcamps In fact, my success with bootcamps is how I became 'famous' in the[...]