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Me and Anthony Crolla
So this weekend I was privileged to hang out with boxing World Champion Anthony "Million Dollar" Crolla.. just HOURS before[...]
FINED for pooping in public at 6:15am
WARNING: if you have zero sense of humour or don't poop then you may want to skip this one... So I[...]
UB “The Movie” – it’s almost time
Just a short one today, dogglett My first ever movie is almost ready Should have it set up and good[...]
Why So…Serious?
There's a common misconception amongst business owners. Especially FITNESS business owners. And that... Is that you always have to ACT[...]
When marketing DOESN’T matter?
So Tuesday this week I was on the stage again to speak at L.I.W Some big names there... My buddies[...]
You Might Not Want To Read This
WARNING: This email contains a hard-hitting, self-indulgent RANT. If you're easily offended by REAL talk? Look away NOW. "It's OK[...]
Loser PTs calls me a ‘Turd’
So with the opening of "Un-Caged" last week the shit talkers were in full retard modeOne guy in particular seemed[...]
Why people REALLY hire PT’s
If I asked 10 trainers this question… Maybe ONE would come to the correct conclusion. But you know, I’ve only[...]
Invitation: Unstoppable YOU?
and so it begins... The doors are open to my previously 'invite only', 3 day experience known simply as "Un-caged"[...]
Why you SHOULD “Give up”
Last email today, my friend... if you haven't took action yet, well... I guess you're happy with your results So[...]