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Uber-rich weirdo claims: “Everyones WRONG”
On one of my 'guy goes to the cinema alone' days last year... I checked out The Big Short, with[...]
How GREAT Personal Trainers Go Broke
Lets face it chico, most personal trainers are struggling and it's their own fault Lemme 'splaineth: In our country... which[...]
a CONTROVERSIAL way to keep clients longer
WARNING: this is VERY unconventional But it WORKS. Period. Retention is a subject that should be kinda important to you[...]
Personal Training Vs Bootcamp (epic battle)
Back in my younger, more aggresive days I used to get involved in some EPIC battles... With PT's about my[...]
A Question From Chris
Yesterday, I received an email from one of your fellow email subscribers, 'Chris H' And within his email, he asked[...]
I’ll Get Hate Mail For This…
At the end of this message I'm going to invite you to opt out of receiving my emails anymore.. There's[...]
You’ve Caught Up!
If you try to listen to my podcast on your iPhone, today... You'll probably see the following message: "You've Caught[...]
Dumb-Nut Personal Trainer attacks me
I have a LOT of love for PT's after all, your Uncle Mort-dogg was one for a good 12 years[...]
Low class, Jack-ass FB Fitness Marketers
Opened up the old Flakebook to this private message last week: "Hi Paul, How is your fitness business going right[...]
Training with a semi-boner
<<^^Thats exactly what happened to me last year in Bury, near Manchester See, I was training for my first boxing[...]