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This one time, at Bodypower
So for 3 years now, I've been a speaker at Boydpower If you don't know, its pretty much the biggest[...]
Mindset X 2.0 is OPEN
It's time, my dude... Registration is now open for my 1 day seminar "Mindset X #2.0"--> Here's your opportunity to[...]
Why are you here? [serious]
My dude. I'm going to be real honest Listen, you've been here for a while now reading my daily emails..[...]
Goosebumps and your BS
Friday afternoons I spend 1-1 with my 3 year old girl, Nina (you may have seen her on my videos)[...]
News about “Mindset X 2.0”
Maybe you've heard about it... maybe you haven't but I've decided to put on an Exclusive seminar for men AND[...]
No More Stories (The End?)
As you know, I'm BIG on bootcamps In fact, it's how I became 'famous' in this incestuous little industry of ours[...]
How’s Business?
People love small talk, don't they? Whether it's the weather Gossip Or what they watched on TV last night People[...]
Did You See This? (FREE Training)
As you know, I'm not a huge fan of 'Ye Olde Flakebook' It's full of posers Cock-wavers And LIARS That[...]
And So, It Begins…
Today is the first 'proper' Monday of 2017 And as such? It's the day when MOST people will be starting[...]
Did I ever mention that I was psychic? Well, I am Because the subject line of today's email? Is the[...]