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They Don’t Believe You
That's right, amigo They don't believe you And most of them don't care about: Your qualifications Your before and afters[...]
They all laughed at me when I told them
I have an office and my own private gym in whats called ‘managed workspace’ basically, a site where a bunch[...]
Take this fitness bizniz test
got an email from a dude called Gulliver Giles a while back... Twas a test that told you about all[...]
Blame It On The Weatherman
Most personal trainers are FULL of excuses I'm sorry if that offends you, amigo (Actually, no I'm not) But it's[...]
“I Don’t Want To Run A Bootcamp!”
As you probably know... I'm a BIG fan of the 'bootcamp' business model In fact, a couple of years ago,[...]
Time To Say Goodbye
As a personal trainer, you often have to bid your clients 'farewell' Sometimes, they disappear off the face of the[...]
Davina Gets Trolled
That's right, amigo Davina got 'trolled' But to find out 'who' trolled her... And 'why'? You'll have to check out[...]
One of the MOST difficult things about being a personal trainer... Is making exercise 'interesting' for the average person You[...]
Today Is Your Last Chance
That's right, amigo If you've been sat on the fence for the past few weeks... And you're tired of pulling[...]
One Sentence that rules them all…
Is it just me? Or do you get REALLY unfomfortable talking about nutrition in a social environment Seems to be[...]