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14 New Clients for Deano
Behold ye an email from MMIC insider Dean McMenamin: ==================================== "Your Guinea Pig Trial method has resulted in getting me[...]
If Gordon Ramsey was a Personal Trainer
Case ya didn't know, hotlips Uncle Morty loves a bit of Gordon Ramsey I love all of his shows.. specially[...]
Personal Training Vs Bootcamp (epic battle)
Back in my younger, more aggresive days I used to get involved in some EPIC battles... With PT's about my[...]
Ramseys Fitness Nightmares
Whilst channel hopping last night…. I stumbled across an episode of “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” I like Ramsey actually. Passionate dood.[...]
“Can you send me more info?”
Man, if I had a penny for every person that asked me that You know the rest... EASLIY the most[...]
[part 3] Tales of the former phat dude
Here it is... the last instalment of "How Uncle Morty got super sexy" Like I've said before, chico... I ain't[...]
How I got Shexay [Part 2] In my best Jack Bauer voice "previously on Uncle Mortys fat files"---> I got fat. I decided I'd had[...]
I’ve NEVER done this before
Behold ye my '3 part email' virginity being stolen See, your Dirty Uncle Morty has dropped 3 stones of lard[...]
Bullet Proof horse-shizz
So my buddy has just started drinking this "Bullet Proof Coffee" you know, that crazy ass thing where you add[...]
I QUIT [Facebook]
I rarely post those 'essay' things on the old Flakebook you know the ones-- usually about 'loving who you are'[...]