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Joe Wicks Is Better Than You
That's right, amigo Joe Wicks, AKA 'The Body Coach', is better than you Much better, in fact At marketing How[...]
Blue Balls?
As a fitness business owner... You need to become obsessed Not with reps, sets, and rest periods (That's what you[...]
The Truth About Passive Income
If you're not familiar with the term 'passive income'? Allow me to enlighten you, amigo: Passive income is where you[...]
Easy Like A Sunday Morning
Once again, there are NO new podcasts this week What can I say, mon ami? I've been fairly busy these[...]
How To Make £200 Per Hour (Every Hour)
Depending on where you live... The average rate for the 'average' personal trainer is about £30 per hour Which, compared[...]
What Do You Want?
I deal with a LOT of fitness business owners And one of the most common questions that I ask them[...]
FREE Facebook Groups: Good Or Bad?
Picture the scene... A member of the public reaches out to you They tell you that they're interested in training[...]
“Is It Just About Bootcamps?”
If you've been reading my emails for a while now... You'll already know that I LOVE the bootcamp business model[...]
Time To Get A ‘Real’ Job?
Back when I was a personal trainer... People would often ask me: "When are you going to get a real[...]
Low class, Jack-ass FB Fitness Marketers
Opened up the old Flakebook to this private message last week: "Hi Paul, How is your fitness business going right[...]