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Failure = Opportunity
The fitness industry is failing, mon ami True story The motivational quotes are failing The positive/empowering images are failing And[...]
I Got Beat Up
Dry those eyes, amigo I may have got beaten up... But I'm still pretty To find out what happened? You'll[...]
I Used To Be Scared As Well
True story, amigo I was just like you, not so long ago I used to look at a lot of[...]
Has Your ‘Thing’ Stopped Working?
I've heard a nasty rumour about you, amigo Apparently, your 'thing' has stopped working And I've heard it hasn't worked[...]
We Need To Talk…
I think it's about time you and I had a little 'chat' Don't you? You've been on my email list[...]
Joe Wicks Is Better Than You
That's right, amigo Joe Wicks AKA 'The Body Coach' is better than you Much better, in fact At marketing How[...]
How To Make More Money (Today)
If you want to make more money as a personal trainer? The easiest way to do it, is to charge[...]
Bank Holiday Mournday
Today marks the end of the Easter bank holiday weekend And all across the UK, people are dealing with the[...]
“Put The Bunny Back In The Box”
I thought you might enjoy an 'Easter' themed quote as today's subject line Courtesy of a young Nicolas Cage, in[...]
Are You Busy Right Now?
It's Saturday morning, mon ami But not just any old Saturday morning It's day TWO of the Easter bank holiday[...]